A Case Study: HR Takes a Leadership Role in Strategy

misalignment_pics_smallIn 2014, we had the privilege of working with an amazing client to help them through the massive organizational changes that were in the works. Covenant Woods is a continuing care retirement community that, in 2014, experienced a physical expansion that almost doubled the size of their physical space and resident population. At the same time, a long time CEO was retiring and a new CEO came aboard.

All this change was, to their Director of HR, a terrific opportunity to build a cohesive leadership team, and asked us to help.

We had the opportunity to reflect on our work in a podcast, hosted by Prana Business. Prana is our partner in improving strategic alignment within organizations, and we use their Line-of-Sight tool to measure alignment and create plans to strengthen and grow.

Listen to the podcast

You can also download the transcript here.

We thought you might find this case study helpful if you are looking to ensure that the work being done throughout the organization is actually the right work to move the organization forward.

Many thanks to Emily Robinson-Endert, Director of HR at Covenant Woods, for allowing us to showcase this project. Thanks also to Joe Clark, CEO of Prana Business, for hosting the podcast and for developing this excellent instrument.




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