Don’t Let the System Lead You Astray

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” —Stephen R. Coveylisten

INC online has a very cool article – 365 Quotes to Inspire You in 2014, by Dave Kerpen.    I bookmarked it, and hopefully will be able to find it again when I want to add quotes to a presentation or article.  That, of course, will depend upon whether or not my logic of filing today is the same as my logic for searching tomorrow.  That’s not where I’m going with this, though.

As I was perusing the list of 365 very powerful statements that truly do inspire, the question that loomed large was….why, when everyone loves these quotes and is hugely inspired by them do we still have behaviors that are not aligned with those espoused?

I’m not sure when Covey made the statement about people not listening with the intent to understand but the intent to reply, but I suspect it was a few years ago and several hundred thousand of us have read and been inspired to change our behavior.  I will be the first to admit that while my intentions are good, I continue to frame my own response as I listen to others speak.

The topics in Kerpen’s list of 365 inspirational quotes are terrific….authenticity, transparency, teamwork, responsiveness, humility….by such leaders as Jefferson, Churchill, King, Ghandi, Mother Teresa.

My question about all of this is somewhat rhetorical, but one worth pondering.  When we read these inspirational quotes or hear an inspirational speaker share wisdom that we truly believe is important to embrace, why don’t we do it…all the time? (more…)

Can You “Bank” Trust?

trustmeI trust you because you have shown me over time that you can be trusted.  At one point, you betray my trust.  Do I dip into my “trust bank” and give you the benefit of the doubt, or does that event drill a big hole in my trust bucket for the past trust to leak through?

My recent post on trust sparked some really good conversation.  One thread went like this….trust takes a long time to build….trust can be lost quickly….however you can “bank” trust over time so no one event completely destroys the trust.  I’ve been thinking about that one, and posed it to my husband who said it was too early on a Saturday morning to think that deep.

I am left with my internal musings, so I shall muse. (more…)

Trust. How does it work?

trust_2It all boils down to trust.  Everything.  Communication, delegation, accountability, results.  Everything.

Now, you say, how can accountability boil down to trust?  Ah, good question!

I was privileged to work for the same boss for 20 years – twice as an employee, once as an external consultant.  When I think of trust in the business world, I realize that he taught me a lot about trust.  When he retired, I assumed my next boss was trustworthy, and was sorely mistaken.  The contrast provided some insight for me into trust, which I probably didn’t fully appreciate until it was missing.

As I think back, I see lessons he taught me that I hope I model to others. (more…)