Leadership Lessons from Nebraska Football

Writer’s note: I have already seen numerous wonderful leadership lessons from the first four games, and I suspect that will continue.  This article will probably become a running commentary on what I learned during the season. Stay tuned.

My husband is a Nebraska football fan. That might just be a serious understatement.  For our 40+ years together, he anxiously awaits fall, and sits glued to the television for each and every game (unless they are losing so badly that he can’t bear to watch.) He devours every article on every move, and dissects the plays weekly with his son, another FANatic.

Back in the day, Nebraska was the pinnacle of successful college football. Over the last couple decades, not so much. They have brought in coaches, fired coaches, changed strategies, poached players, but have never revived their glory days. (more…)

A coaching lesson from Dumbledore

pensieveJK Rowling understands human nature very well.  To build an entire universe populated by people, animals and magical creatures that each have their own personalities, foibles and idiosyncrasies is….well…brilliant.

And so, after a couple excursions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, I decided to read the books again; I missed the characters.

The first time around, I didn’t catch some of the wisdom conveyed by the elders in the wizarding world; I read it for the story.  In most second reads once you know the story, you see insights, philosophy and wisdom. (more…)