Parlor Games

lets-playI just saw a “game” on Facebook that got my attention.  It said “Each of us possesses different types of personality that fall in the certain category. There are basically four types of people in this world. You can only fit into one of these four personalities; which one is it?”

The call to action was “Let’s play.”

Okay, I just can’t let that go.  Granted it is Facebook which makes no claim to the authenticity or veracity of anything posted. And it is Facebook where we go these days for our news and opinions.

And it is kind of fun to see where you fall out in these “games.” Perhaps we learn a little something about ourselves, which helps us feel comfortable in our own skin.  Learning and comfort can be a good thing.

So why did this get my attention?

Because it stereotypes, and stereotyping limits. (more…)

A New Year’s Resolution: Learn Continuously

reflectionA friend from my corporate America days recently decided to become an entrepreneur and leave the rat race behind, opening a specialty shop that reflects her personal interest. She used to head a department of 1,000 offices and several thousand employees. She now has one store and two employees.  She is happy.

She sent me a note about a lesson she learned with her two new employees.

While a corporate exec, comprehensive, written communication was a necessity. To her credit, she visited offices and talked with employees more than her counterparts, but there is only so much time.

In her new world, she approached communication with her two employees in the same comprehensive way – an email containing updates on the business along with a schedule for the coming week.  She checked in with them to see if the email communication was helpful. (more…)