HR Strategy? No, People Strategy

What’s the difference? I’m so glad you asked!

bar_graph_conference_400_clr_5943I don’t think that there is anyone in the profession of Human Resources who doesn’t yearn to be “strategic” but what does that really mean? Are we strategic because we sit on the Executive Team? Are we strategic because we are invited to the party in important business planning, like acquisitions, organizational change, or new ventures? Are we strategic because we have the ear of operational leaders?

You can probably answer yes to each of those questions, but more importantly, to all of those questions. Those are activities though. I suggest that we become strategic when we impact the organization’s bottom line. (more…)

Big Data with Big Problems

bigdataAs is becoming more prevalent, there are three emails in my inbox this morning, all with some post or webinar about “big data.”  TLNT is hosting a webinar “Enabling Success With Big Data – Driven Talent Acquisition,” Talent Management magazine has an article, “Where’s the Value In Talent Analytics?” and Chief Learning Officer magazine has “The ‘Datafication’ of Learning.”

Yesterday, LinkedIn ran a post (Why We No Longer Need HR Departments) and a Spreecast (Is It Time To Fire Your HR Department?), both featuring Bernard Marr, Best-Selling Author and Enterprise Performance Expert.  The post had 19k LinkedIn shares, and 1,143 tweets as of 2PM on 11/22/13. (more…)