Big Data with Big Problems

bigdataAs is becoming more prevalent, there are three emails in my inbox this morning, all with some post or webinar about “big data.”  TLNT is hosting a webinar “Enabling Success With Big Data – Driven Talent Acquisition,” Talent Management magazine has an article, “Where’s the Value In Talent Analytics?” and Chief Learning Officer magazine has “The ‘Datafication’ of Learning.”

Yesterday, LinkedIn ran a post (Why We No Longer Need HR Departments) and a Spreecast (Is It Time To Fire Your HR Department?), both featuring Bernard Marr, Best-Selling Author and Enterprise Performance Expert.  The post had 19k LinkedIn shares, and 1,143 tweets as of 2PM on 11/22/13. (more…)

I’m “at the Table!” Now What?

“Finally – some strong evidence that giving HR pros the proverbial ‘seat at the table’ actually can raise company profits.”

seatattableReally?  Simply putting one individual at the executive table will have that kind of an impact?  Wow – some of us have super-powers.

So what do I, as an HR leaders, do with this ground-breaking research?  Place it on the CEO’s desk and say “Here…proof I can do something great and should be at the table?”   And he’ll believe me because the research is there. (more…)

Back to Basics?

I was talking with a colleague yesterday, and he made a statement that I found new and interesting.  He said that many of our professions (banking to name one) have shifted focus to the point where practitioners are focused (and trained) more in sales than in the basics of their profession (underwriting to name one).

I’d never thought of it like that before, but what he said makes sense.  (more…)