Caveat Venditionesque Pice (Beware the sales pitch)

sales_pitchNovember HR Magazine’s Point/Counterpoint column (pp. 22-23) takes on emotional intelligence, asking “Is emotional intelligence a good measure of leadership ability?” On one side, the vendor who provides emotional intelligence tests and training, said “Yes.” The counterpoint: a professor of organizational behavior said, “No.” Who to believe?

Conflicting evidence and claims abound in HR circles these days. Human Resources has become big business, and consultants and technology vendors are jumping on the bandwagon with products and services to help HR become strategic. After all, that is what CEOs say they want from HR, and what HR says we want to be. Vendors need to sell to remain in business, and they become very good at their sales pitch. (more…)

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

roadmap w creditThere is nothing better than a great speaking engagement where I learn from the attendees. Last week, I had the opportunity to share the story of my book, Repurposing HR: From a cost center to a business accelerator, with a group of experienced HR leaders. When I give presentations such as this, I hope I can provide something of value to the audience. But I always take something of value away and learn from the dialog as well.

In the presentation, I introduced the RoadMap; a disciplined process that can help HR think collectively about the customer and add value to the organization through focus on what is important to customers – in this case, operational leaders.  The RoadMap consists of eight StopOvers, each of which provides a series of questions for HR leaders to ask and answer, leading to a deeper understanding the business, discovery of pain points or opportunity, getting to the root cause, and helping to shape human behavior to improve performance. (more…)

This Is What HR Is All About

chessI had the privilege of speaking to an audience of HR practitioners at the HR Florida Annual Conference this week. I also had my first book signing, which felt really odd, but yet [I must admit] pretty cool.

There was only one young woman asking me to sign my book early on, so I had a chance to chat with her. I asked her what she did. Her response blew me away. (more…)