Who is leading HR’s professional education?

HRmagMy article was turned down by HR Magazine.  It wasn’t turned down because of content or style, but because I’m not a professional writer; I’m a consultant.  They sent their editorial guidelines and told me that I was welcome to pitch a topic for their professional writers to explore.  That seemed odd, so I went back to old issues of the magazine and looked.  Yep, with one exception (“First Person Account”) the writers are all writers.  Oops – two exceptions.  There was a short article by a consultant talking about his published book, so I guess he was a professional. (more…)

Back to Basics?

I was talking with a colleague yesterday, and he made a statement that I found new and interesting.  He said that many of our professions (banking to name one) have shifted focus to the point where practitioners are focused (and trained) more in sales than in the basics of their profession (underwriting to name one).

I’d never thought of it like that before, but what he said makes sense.  (more…)

Come On, HR – We’re Losing Clients

We want a seat at the table?  We want to add value?  We want to positively influence the success of the business?  Then let’s stop giving away one of our best tools – the art and science of performance improvement!

No, not performance management where managers spend as little time as possible each year providing feedback to employees that is as bland as possible.  I mean real performance improvement; (more…)