Leadership Lessons from Nebraska Football

Writer’s note: I have already seen numerous wonderful leadership lessons from the first four games, and I suspect that will continue.  This article will probably become a running commentary on what I learned during the season. Stay tuned.

My husband is a Nebraska football fan. That might just be a serious understatement.  For our 40+ years together, he anxiously awaits fall, and sits glued to the television for each and every game (unless they are losing so badly that he can’t bear to watch.) He devours every article on every move, and dissects the plays weekly with his son, another FANatic.

Back in the day, Nebraska was the pinnacle of successful college football. Over the last couple decades, not so much. They have brought in coaches, fired coaches, changed strategies, poached players, but have never revived their glory days. (more…)

Words are sortof important

wordsI recently stumbled across a blog post titled “After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice”. I knew that Google had initiated a longitudinal study called Project Oxygen in 2009 to identify key leadership competencies.  I knew that what they found was a validation of common sense – that effective leaders connect with their teams.  While the finding wasn’t rocket science, the validation was huge.

The Google study I was less familiar with – Project Aristotle – sought to understand what makes a high performing team. So I did a little reading – the blog writer linked to a NYT Magazine article about Project Aristotle. (more…)