An interesting commentary on human resources

In the MBTI certification program, the instructor demonstrated how using the four mental functions (sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling) are really a decision making process, and if followed, lead to a more robust decision.

One begins with sensing (get the data), moves to intuition (what other possibilities are there), then on to thinking (analyze the options logically) and finally feeling (considering the human impact of the decision.)

What I found interesting is that he also gave examples of which parts of an organization typically bring each of the functions to the group.  We all get that finance often brings the sensing and thinking functions, while the strategy group looks for possibilities. Continue reading An interesting commentary on human resources

Validity and reliability explained – yay!

I am attending a workshop to become certified as a MBTI professional, using this instrument with teams and individuals to help them discover things about themselves, discover things about others and learn how better work with with those who are different.

The instructor is phenomenal.  He is a former CEO of CAPT – the Center for Applied Psychological Type, which is the organization founded by Isabel Briggs Myers, and continues today to provide training for ethical use of the instrument.  I wish he would have been my professor during all of those time when I tried to understand math, algebra, geometry and statistics.  I think I may have gotten it. Continue reading Validity and reliability explained – yay!