Learning and HR

I have been following some sensational blogs on learning. Both Harold Jarche and Jane Hart seem to have been working in the field of learning for sometime, and their blogs are rich with thoughts and ideas on learning beyond the classroom, e.g., social, experiential and personal learning.

I am relatively new to the learning field, having spent the majority of my career in human resources.  I migrated to learning within the human resources function, but after two Learning roles within human resources, I wonder if the learning function belongs there. (more…)

Holiday Musings

At 5:00 on Thanksgiving morning, I am not supposed to be sitting here writing a blogpost, but here I am. I am patting myself on the back for figuring out how to link this blog to my professional pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and for doing a “soft launch” to friends and colleagues. I haven’t posted anything too opinionated yet – still just practicing.

In graduate school, blogging was part of the curriculum and my hand hovered over the “ENTER” key for a long time before I finally sent my first post out for everyone (well, a class of about 20) to see. Blogging is so public….omg, what if folks disagree.

Perhaps it is the wisdom of the years since grad school (3…) but I have come to believe that the work I do – organization development, culture, performance, learning – is steeped in shades of grey, and just cannot be black and white. Why does that matter? Well, it lets me off the hook a bit, I guess. My opinion is framed in years of my experiences, as others’ opinions are in theirs.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to people; there is only robust dialogue about perspectives. And the richer the dialogue, the greater the learning, and ultimately, the better the decision. (Of course you have to MAKE a decision, but that’s another post…)

So I look forward to some robust dialogues. Please join in.