Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics in HR

I bet most people who read the title think this relates to the chaos that HR teams face on a regular basis.  Add up the number of people in an organization and multiply that by each individuals thoughts, ideas and perspectives and you are bound to have chaos, right?  And as HR professionals we try our best to manage the chaos.

Well, that’s not exactly where I was going.  So here’s where chaos theory and quantum physics come into play, at least in my very non-scientific brain.  You can’t manage chaos.  The very best you can do is shepherd people in the right direction…let them use their knowledge, their energy and their ingenuity to “self-organize” the chaos.  It’s that pesky “buy-in” thing that everyone talks about, but never really seems to happen. (more…)

Actors and Stagehands

I saw this on my brother-in-law’s Facebook page and chuckled as he spent his career on the “stagehand” side of the entertainment business.  I thought…well, at least he knows the score.  Without the actors, there just isn’t a show.

Having invested my career in building performance management systems, I have often thought that the entertainment business was the ultimate “performance appraisal”….goal driven (bring in the audience), feedback rich (critics in every paper and armchair), (more…)

Learning and HR

I have been following some sensational blogs on learning. Both Harold Jarche and Jane Hart seem to have been working in the field of learning for sometime, and their blogs are rich with thoughts and ideas on learning beyond the classroom, e.g., social, experiential and personal learning.

I am relatively new to the learning field, having spent the majority of my career in human resources.  I migrated to learning within the human resources function, but after two Learning roles within human resources, I wonder if the learning function belongs there. (more…)