Powerful Lessons in Video…

The growth of video has made it possible to not only read the lesson but to also hear the power behind the author’s passion.  These videos carry simple, short and profound lessons for anyone in leadership or who works as part of a team.

Use these videos in “lunch and learns” or leadership meetings, and provoke dialogue with a good question such as “Does this happen here?”

Brene Brown. “The Power of Vulnerability.” TEDxHouston.  Excellent for a leadership team that is learning to work together.

Christine Porath. “Why being respectful to your coworkers is good for business.”  Resonates with employees who want to take an active role in changing the culture.

Amy Edmundson.  Building a psychologically safe workplace.” Dr. Edmundson has studied psychological safety in multiple industries, through catastrophic scenarios.  She makes the case for creating a safe space where everyone can speak up without fear of reprisal.

David Rock.  SCARF Model – Influencing Others with Dr David Rock.” Dr. Rock’s research has shown that psychological stress causes the same reaction in the brain as physical stress, and makes a case for using neuroleadership to  influence others.