A Little Secret about Performance Management

band-wagon-2-cir-parade-09It is time for all good consultants and vendors everywhere to jump on the performance management bandwagon. Accenture led the cause by retooling their performance management system, and the business media grabbed the topic and ran with it.  Now, everywhere I look there are articles, journals and webinars that promise to revive and improve this apparently terminal process.

I’ve been reading them (as much as I can – there’re a bunch) to see what has really changed. Is anything new and different? Last year I eagerly read about Accenture’s transition, ready to hear new and different. Instead, I read that they were increasing the frequency of the performance dialogue and adding a simpler documentation process.

Hang on a sec….isn’t that what we HR types have always tried to espouse? More frequent conversations and better documentation?  I read more and found little else new. What did stand out to me is that the change came, not from HR, but from the organization itself – from the operational leaders who were dissatisfied with the bureaucracy of the current program. (more…)

Trust. How does it work?

trust_2It all boils down to trust.  Everything.  Communication, delegation, accountability, results.  Everything.

Now, you say, how can accountability boil down to trust?  Ah, good question!

I was privileged to work for the same boss for 20 years – twice as an employee, once as an external consultant.  When I think of trust in the business world, I realize that he taught me a lot about trust.  When he retired, I assumed my next boss was trustworthy, and was sorely mistaken.  The contrast provided some insight for me into trust, which I probably didn’t fully appreciate until it was missing.

As I think back, I see lessons he taught me that I hope I model to others. (more…)