Can You “Bank” Trust?

trustmeI trust you because you have shown me over time that you can be trusted.  At one point, you betray my trust.  Do I dip into my “trust bank” and give you the benefit of the doubt, or does that event drill a big hole in my trust bucket for the past trust to leak through?

My recent post on trust sparked some really good conversation.  One thread went like this….trust takes a long time to build….trust can be lost quickly….however you can “bank” trust over time so no one event completely destroys the trust.  I’ve been thinking about that one, and posed it to my husband who said it was too early on a Saturday morning to think that deep.

I am left with my internal musings, so I shall muse. (more…)

Help, Paula’s Falling and She May Not Get Up

Paula Deen is falling – the Food Network just announced that they are ending their relationship with her, after her admission that she used a highly sensitive word back in 2007.  What she said and what happens to Deen is not the subject of this post nor is it relevant to my thought process, except to illustrate the point that it only takes a nano-second to destroy what you have built – a strong analogy to building and losing trust.

Paula’s going to have a hard time getting up….This might be one that the spin doctors can’t heal.  This beloved personality who put comfort food back on the map lost her status with one word. (more…)