Could your boss use your help?

the_office_54745-500x375cI am unhappy with my boss….he doesn’t give me feedback…..when she gives me feedback, it’s really vague and unhelpful….he doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do….she doesn’t tell me what is expected of me…..he [insert your personal complaint here…]

I have been hearing this a lot lately, even from smart and accountable people. Leadership is so important, and organizations struggle to hire and develop strong leaders. Employees seem to have very high expectations of leaders, and not a lot of tolerance for imperfection.

I just started watching the TV show “Lost,” (As usual, I’m woefully behind on popular shows) and it made me think about leadership.   If you don’t know the show, a plane crashes on a deserted island, and the survivors begin to make sense of their new world order. (more…)