Please Don’t Take Me For Granted

Never take other people for granted. There is a point of no return in all relationships.”

trust_fall_distraction_400_clr_13592I love this statement by syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell. What a wonderful reminder of how quickly everything can disappear. Our safety. Our family. Our country. Our trust.

I think about taking things for granted sometimes when driving over a rickety bridge or walking down a street crowded with cars. I trust that the engineers who built and inspected the bridge did their job well. I trust that the cars speeding along the street see me walking and aren’t going to sneeze and veer into me at the exact moment of passing. (more…)

I’m “at the Table!” Now What?

“Finally – some strong evidence that giving HR pros the proverbial ‘seat at the table’ actually can raise company profits.”

seatattableReally?  Simply putting one individual at the executive table will have that kind of an impact?  Wow – some of us have super-powers.

So what do I, as an HR leaders, do with this ground-breaking research?  Place it on the CEO’s desk and say “Here…proof I can do something great and should be at the table?”   And he’ll believe me because the research is there. (more…)