Come On, HR – We’re Losing Clients

We want a seat at the table?  We want to add value?  We want to positively influence the success of the business?  Then let’s stop giving away one of our best tools – the art and science of performance improvement!

No, not performance management where managers spend as little time as possible each year providing feedback to employees that is as bland as possible.  I mean real performance improvement; (more…)

Tossing “Engagement” Upside Down

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal carried an article titled “Bad at their Jobs, And Loving It“.   It had a picture of a woman at her very clean desk at 8:00 in the morning, with her fluffy pink bedroom slippered feet on the desk, reading the newspaper.  Now right there, it grabs you.

Well, let me back up just a bit….Employee engagement is a corporate buzzword these days, measured by employee surveys, and often a factor in executive incentive plans.  (more…)

“I need three gallons of yellow training, please”

How many of us in the field of HRD have heard something like this?  And we’ve probably all shared the frustration with being pretty sure that we can help, but that the “three gallons of yellow training” are probably not the solution.  However the “client” – internal or external – really wants the “three gallons of yellow training“.

I was privileged to hear Dr. Roger Kaufman, the father of “needs assessment” speak to the Central Florida ISPI chapter last week on “Making Sure Your Strategic Planning is Strategic”.  (more…)