A question about job descriptions….out of the mouth of babes

job descriptionsOnce upon a time, there was a young woman studying to become an HR professional. Her professor invited a panel of senior HR professionals from each area of HR to meet with the class: Compensation, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Learning & Development and a senior HR generalist, who called himself an HR Business Partner.

After presentations, the professor opened up the dialogue to questions from the students. The young woman asked the group, “I wrote job descriptions in a summer internship, but I’m still not exactly sure how they are really used in an organization. Can you help me understand?” (more…)

Should We Get Employee Relations Issues out of the Closet?

risk_management_03I saw an article titled “If you’re being investigated by HR.” The title gave me pause, but I had to spend a bit of time figuring out why.

Here’s what I concluded. I’m bothered by the reputation that inevitably will follow HR if they are known as “investigators.” Yes, I realize that HR is tasked with investigating employee relations issues; often a substantial percentage of HR’s work. The article offered good advice from a labor attorney about handling the delicate issues of confidentiality and responsibility in employment-related investigations.

Is that, however, how HR wants to be known within their organization? I equate investigations with policing, and surely that’s not the role we want?

I suggest that HR would be much better served were their reputation one of helping the organization improve performance and deliver programs that drive organizational value. Am I missing something?

Perhaps it is worth looking at alternatives to becoming the investigators in the organization. I see some options. (more…)