“To think like men of action, and to act like men of thought!”

I have always attributed who I am today, to what I learned in six years as a U. S. Marine.  Even though I couldn’t compete with the young women who join the Corps today, I am proud that I survived OCS (and survived is the operative word), and learned what it really means to be a leader.

general mattisGeneral Jim Mattis, USMC(Ret) was head of U.S. Central Command and awarded the 2014 Semper Fidelis award in February.  In his acceptance speech, he described being a Marine.

“To think like men of action,
And to act like men of thought!
To live life with intensity,
And a passion for excellence.”

That is the Marine Corps.  That is what I learned as a young lieutenant, and what was confirmed as I progressed through to Captain. (more…)