Why I Write

windingroadI have been invited to submit my blog for an award, and as I answered the questions I realized that I have never really stated the purpose of my blog here. I began the blog in November 2012 and as of today, have published 124 posts, and hosted 282 comments. My followers are international, and I have been humbled at learning just how much I don’t know about the world outside the U.S. So I thought I would remedy that omission now. (more…)

Could HR Sell Their Services…Redux

selfThere has been a lively discussion on TLNT about my last post, What Would Happen If HR Had to Sell Their Services. It seems to have hit a nerve and generated lots of hypotheses on what might hinder HR’s success in approaching their work as a business.

Based on this dialogue, we actually are already in the middle of this challenge.  One comment described how a recruiter was offended when asked to compete with an external firm.  Another added thoughts about expectations – those of executive leadership for HR, and those of HR for itself.  What expectations does HR have for it’s own performance?  Interesting commentary…. (more…)

Could HR Sell Our Services? Would Anyone Buy?

What if Human Resources had to sell their services to their customers, fulfill the promise, and be paid based upon results?  How many HR teams would get passing grades from the executive team, the leaders and the employees?

From a Vendor Perspective

I came across a cute blurb in Travel & Leisure called “confessions of a hotel reviewer” who travels incognito to hotels where there has been a complaint, and inspects the level of customer service.  confess1Actually, I remember that well from years ago when I was a desk clerk at a Holiday Inn.  Everyone panicked for weeks before the inspector was “due” because the implications of failure were severe.

Hotels engage these “reviewers“, stores and banks use “secret shoppers,” healthcare uses the Joint Commission, all to make sure that the promise to their customer/patient is being fulfilled. (more…)