Why HR Should Lead Change Initiatives

Butterfly5Change management is about people, performance and leadership, ergo, one would think HR should be leading the charge (or at least playing a major role). Unfortunately, in many cases, HR is not involved because it does not bring the skill sets that would be useful to organizational change or is simply not even invited to the party. More concerning is that CEO’s don’t hold their HR leadership accountable for building the necessary expertise that would facilitate effecting change. Without the internal expertise, organizations, more often than not, look to outside consultants to provide the needed assistance to effect the organizational changes they’re looking for.

What’s striking here, even with the expertise of outside consultants, change guru John Kotter, (Kotter International) still claims that 70% of change efforts fail; this is a pretty dismal record. Kotter’s approach for “change management” is for organizations to “take a consistent, holistic approach to changing themselves,” and “engaging their workforce effectively.”

Hmmm. Changing themselves. Engaging their workforce. Sounds like learning, development and human resources to me so why isn’t HR part of the solution? (more…)

Do You Really Need a Policy for That?

My husband calls them “blond moments” when he shows me a cartoon and I don’t get it.  I’m also a bit gullible when I read spoofs and satires. No thank you – I don’t need oceanfront property in Arizona.

Today he sent an article from The Onion which I got right away.  Yes, I know The Onion is a satirical publication; I learned that when I took him a story I thought was true, and he chuckled for about an hour.

stick_figure_despair_pc_400_clr_2994I actually did a double take on the one he sent today – “HR Director Reminds Employees That Any Crying Done At Office Must Be Work-Related.” Oh my, I hope not. Oh, I get it – it’s a spoof! LOL.

That got me thinking about HR teams who take on silly policy rules because someone in authority thinks they need one.  Think dress code. (more…)