Becoming a Trusted Advisor

roadmap w creditThere is nothing better than a great speaking engagement where I learn from the attendees. Last week, I had the opportunity to share the story of my book, Repurposing HR: From a cost center to a business accelerator, with a group of experienced HR leaders. When I give presentations such as this, I hope I can provide something of value to the audience. But I always take something of value away and learn from the dialog as well.

In the presentation, I introduced the RoadMap; a disciplined process that can help HR think collectively about the customer and add value to the organization through focus on what is important to customers – in this case, operational leaders.  The RoadMap consists of eight StopOvers, each of which provides a series of questions for HR leaders to ask and answer, leading to a deeper understanding the business, discovery of pain points or opportunity, getting to the root cause, and helping to shape human behavior to improve performance. (more…)

Why I Write

windingroadI have been invited to submit my blog for an award, and as I answered the questions I realized that I have never really stated the purpose of my blog here. I began the blog in November 2012 and as of today, have published 124 posts, and hosted 282 comments. My followers are international, and I have been humbled at learning just how much I don’t know about the world outside the U.S. So I thought I would remedy that omission now. (more…)