A CEO Competency that Trumps all Others

technode_1600_clr_8973I must start with a disclaimer: this is not a validated research study. This is Anderson logic, plain and simple, formed by years of experience watching leaders of all levels and skill. After almost 40 years of finding and developing leaders, along with my own leadership success, it hit me like a ton of bricks one day. I’m not sure what was the catalyst, but it’s sort of like a BGO – a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Once you get it, it just makes sense. (more…)

A Leadership Lesson from a Cop Show?

bostonEvery so often a silly cop show can have a profound message. I watched one today. The message it communicated – that leaders have to look beyond the obvious in connecting with their employees – was really well done, if a little hokey.

Maura is the Medical Examiner for the Boston Police Department. She has a Fellow working for her, an Army doctor back from Afghanistan, transitioning from general medicine to pathology, studying under her tutelage. He is a jokester, with a subtle sense of humor that she rarely understands. She passes him in the hall, and casually asks if he has notified the parents of the cause of death of their daughter. He said he had not, and was obviously uncomfortable with either being confronted, or in failing to have completed what had been asked. (more…)

A Lesson in Trust and Leadership from my Cat

Endora 0715Endora is the newest edition to our family, joining her sister Elphaba. Both are shelter cats. We adopted Elphie at 7 weeks. She rules the house and is afraid of nothing. When our older cat passed 10 months later Elphie was visibly grieving, so we set out to find a friend for her.

Endora was a stray until she was rescued by the county and put up for adoption. She was about a year old when rescued, and had been in the shelter for several months when we arrived. I might have thought it odd that she had burrowed under the paper litter box in her cage, as far away from “the humans” as she could be. But I was distracted by her big, beautiful eyes that seemed to be begging me to “adopt me.” So we did. (more…)