Performance Management is Dead; Long Live Performance Management

SisyphusDon’t you just love it when the business media derails all your good work? The current edition of HR Magazine article “Is the Annual Performance Review Dead?” only scratches the surface of this revolution that is taking place in organizations, as more and more highly visible companies retool performance management.

And the publicity is well beyond HR business media. It is hitting Harvard Business Review, Inc., Fast Company and all those other publications your operational leaders are reading.

Here’s the rub. The headlines are very misleading, and may cause your operational leaders to wave the journal in your face and say, “See, I told you this was a waste of time.” (more…)

The “New” Performance Management – What We Were Supposed to be Doing All Along?

7007262-green-tea-leavesFor years and years and years, HR has pleaded with managers to have more frequent performance discussions, and has introduced technology for the purpose of making it easier to document performance. I can tell you firsthand, it’s been a REALLY tough sell.

Today, GE makes headlines in the Washington Post article, Why Big Business is Falling Out of Love with the Annual performance Review. They join the likes of Deloitte, Accenture, Adobe and Gap shedding a process that has for too long be tedious and of little value by moving to a more fluid system.

They will (gasp) have more frequent performance reviews and use an app to document the dialogue. (more…)

The VA’s Wake-Up Call to Human Resources

vaHere is an excellent wake-up call to anyone in the field of Human Resources. As the investigation into the VA scandal deepens, it appears that, according to the VA’s performance and incentive system, they were doing GREAT!

Fox News reports that [Gina] Farrisee [Assistant Secretary for Human Resources]….

“acknowledged the need to hold VA employees and supervisors accountable, particularly regarding regarding performance, but defended the pay bonuses.

Farrisee acknowledged the need to hold VA employees and supervisors accountable, particularly ‘We must recruit and retain the best talent, many of whom require special skills in health care, information technology, management and benefits delivery,’ Farrisee testified. ‘In particular, VA requires talented senior executives to manage the complex set of facilities and programs that VA is responsible to administer.

‘Performance plans are the foundation of accountability not only for senior executives but for the entire workforce,’ Farrisee’s prepared remarks continued. ‘Senior leadership engagement in managing executive performance plans, including counseling and mid-year assessments, also serves as the model for the general schedule workforce.’

Farrisee, who joined the agency in September, admitted to Miller that not a single member of its senior executive service – a pool of 470 individuals – received less than a fully satisfactory or successful rating. She acknowledged that the VA’s recently exposed problems don’t jibe with an agency rewarding employees for stellar work.

‘Mr. Chairman, if we knew what we knew today at that time, it is unlikely that their performance would have reflected what it reflected at the time the reports were written,’ Farrisee responded.”