Are We Running Out of Time?

Business writing, mine included, is usually a new slant on a common theme.  It’s so cool to find content that is both logical and innovative, and think, dang it – I wish I’d thought of that.  The current issue of Harvard Business Review is packed with good stuff but one stands out.  The topic, “Your Scarcest Resource,” sounded a little ho-hum compared to “Blue Ocean Leadership,” but I started reading and was hooked.

300px-The_Persistence_of_MemoryWhat a simple premise – we are running out of time in any given work day to do the work we need to do.  Something has to give.  The authors have a suggestion….treat “time” as a resource of your organization.

Earlier this week, I asked an audience of HR practitioners how many of their organizations were drowning in work initiatives and got a bunch of vigorous head nods.  I’ve been there, and what is always interesting to me is that executive leadership expects me to pull the plug on “non-value-added work” generally as a cost cutting exercise.  The organization is struggling, and the mandate comes down from on high…Cut Expenses. (more…)