A New Year’s Resolution: Learn Continuously

reflectionA friend from my corporate America days recently decided to become an entrepreneur and leave the rat race behind, opening a specialty shop that reflects her personal interest. She used to head a department of 1,000 offices and several thousand employees. She now has one store and two employees.  She is happy.

She sent me a note about a lesson she learned with her two new employees.

While a corporate exec, comprehensive, written communication was a necessity. To her credit, she visited offices and talked with employees more than her counterparts, but there is only so much time.

In her new world, she approached communication with her two employees in the same comprehensive way – an email containing updates on the business along with a schedule for the coming week.  She checked in with them to see if the email communication was helpful. (more…)

Why Let Your Managers Blubber?

figure_no_talking_symbol_400_clr_11004 2Why do otherwise confident and caring people turn into blubbering idiots when delivering bad news?

John Grisham’s new book – Gray Mountain – set in 2008. Three Ivy League attorneys working for a large and prestigious law firm in Manhattan are called to a partner’s office and told they no longer have a job.  Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns collapsed and the economy has begun its rapid descent into the Great Recession. Everyone is scared, and everything is chaotic. (more…)


separated_from_group_400_clr_9554I was an overweight, shy, only-child who moved every other year. I attended 11 schools from K through 12; tough to build friendships.  In college, I made a very deliberate decision to change who I was, I lost weight, found a sorority with like-minded sisters, and learned social skills I’d not learned before. I then was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Marine Corps, and left that sad child behind. I don’t get intimidated often, but when I do, it is usually the “mean girls” from high school that flip my trigger.

What do I mean by “mean girls?” Well, hopefully the Rachel McAdams stereotype has grown up to be less overt, and more caring. Honestly, if she didn’t I think she will struggle in today’s workforce. (more…)