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Let me share a little about me….Carol Anderson

Visit my academic blog, Serendipity, for my Master of Education, Human Resource Development program 2004-2009. Much of this blog reflected on the rise and fall of LandAmerica Financial Group, for which I served as Senior Vice President, and who fell into bankruptcy in November 2008.  Having this all-too-real experience as I was studying organizational culture and learning gave me a very unique perspective.

I love to write and I have a lot to say.  This blog is intended to be a professional blog for my company, Anderson Performance Partners LLC.  But you can’t really blog without putting a bit of yourself out there.

I pick topics that are interesting to me, often sparked by articles I read or conversations with my son who is a Marine Officer or my husband who is an operational leader.  My son and I share a fascination with organizational, team and individual performance, we talk a lot – about his experiences in military  – why sometimes things work really well, while other times – they just don’t.  My husband brings me down from the clouds and helps me work out all the details to my “grand plans”.  We have some great dialogues!

I have been in the field of human resources for my entire career and have seen a lot.  I have seen the emergence of Human Resources from the seeds of “Personnel”.  I have seen the regulatory environment grow to a point where it chokes leaders in their ability to talk openly and authentically, if it is allowed to do so.  I have listened for many, many years to HR professionals looking for that “proverbial seat at the table,” and mourning why it just isn’t happening.

I have learned some great lessons from wonderful bosses, and I have learned some painful lessons from horrible bosses.  But every experience has made me who I am and I look back and see the lessons.  After almost 40 years in this field, I think I have earned the right to play the “grand dame” of HR, spouting opinions and thoughts, and occasionally barbs, as the Dowager Countess of Grantham spouts her pithy sayings.

Perhaps my life lessons will serve as a learning point for others on this journey.

One thought on “About me…

  1. Hi Carol, my fellow Woman Marine in the 70s! My name is Vicki King. I was in the Marines from 1974 to 1977. I would love to share stories with you about our experiences. My first duty station was Twenty-Nine Palms and then Camp Pendleton. My MOS was Communications Electronics. I started my military career as a PFC and ended as a Sergeant.

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