It Was a Privilege to Watch her Lead

leadEffective leadership isn’t easy. It is demanding, and often a 24×7 commitment. Leading a volunteer organization has unique challenges, because the leader competes for time – her own and her volunteers – which is often at a premium.

I have been privileged this year to watch an exceptional volunteer leader, and would like to share my observations on why her tenure as President of a professional organization was so successful.

She had been approached in earlier years to take on the Presidency, but said no because she didn’t feel she had the time to commit. It wasn’t until I watched her throughout the year she said “yes” that I realized just how powerful this was.  She is the type of person that, when she commits, she commits her all. I saw just how this played out, and it was fascinating to watch. Continue reading It Was a Privilege to Watch her Lead

Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

rowing drillingWhat a great metaphor for today’s Human Resources teams who want to add value to their organizations, but who sometimes sabotage their own success by working in silos and focusing on product rather than customer needs.

Think about it this way. You’re in a boat and you need to move forward. To do that, everyone in the boat must row in the same direction. Sort of like an organization – you have a goal, and everyone needs to work toward that goal.

Sometimes folks get turned around or distracted. They notice something on shore, and lose sight of their goal – to go forward. Sort of like an organization – you become so focused on one product that you lose sight of the big picture. The boat (or organization) stalls, or possibly sinks. Continue reading Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Caveat Venditionesque Pice (Beware the sales pitch)

sales_pitchNovember HR Magazine’s Point/Counterpoint column (pp. 22-23) takes on emotional intelligence, asking “Is emotional intelligence a good measure of leadership ability?” On one side, the vendor who provides emotional intelligence tests and training, said “Yes.” The counterpoint: a professor of organizational behavior said, “No.” Who to believe?

Conflicting evidence and claims abound in HR circles these days. Human Resources has become big business, and consultants and technology vendors are jumping on the bandwagon with products and services to help HR become strategic. After all, that is what CEOs say they want from HR, and what HR says we want to be. Vendors need to sell to remain in business, and they become very good at their sales pitch. Continue reading Caveat Venditionesque Pice (Beware the sales pitch)


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